Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Most Amazing Appetizer Ever

I've eaten some amazing food, but this--hands down--is the best appetizer I have ever had. I visited my friend, Tabaitha, in California last May, and we ate dinner at this quaint Italian restaurant on the coast near Santa Barbara. This was our appetizer, and since then, I have recreated it about 10 times. It's just that good. After living in Italy I thought I'd tasted the best mozzerella-not so until you have tasted Burrata mozzerella. It looks like a plain mozzerella on the outside (ball shaped) but when you cut into it, it's creamy, almost like a cheese curd. We can only find this at Central Market, but if you can find That's what makes this dish the most amazing appetizer ever.

The amount of ingredients would be based on the number of people to whom you are serving the appetizer.

Tomatoes (we've used big and small, all varieties)
Fresh Basil leaves
Good olive oil
Burrata mozzerella
Toasted pine nuts
salt and pepper

On a medium sized platter, artfully arrange prosciutto in slices. Then, stack tomato and basil, and scoop the mozzerella on top (like you would a caprese salad). Sprinkle with salt (Kosher salt adds a nice flavor), pepper, and pine nuts, and drizzle with olive oil. We usually eat this with a knife and fork, if that gives you an idea of how to stack the ingredients.

Without the amazing mozzerella, this really is like a caprese salad, but with that cheese...simply amazing.

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  1. I saw Burrata today at our grocery store and got really excited! And then I saw the $10 price tag for one ball and figured I'd wait... but someday I'll make this.