Friday, July 09, 2010

Spice-Rubbed Beer Can Chicken

If it didn't taste so good, I would still post this for the photo of the chicken.

3lb. chicken
1 can beer
KC's All-Purpose Barbeque Seasoning (or BBQ rub of choice)

1. set oven to 350ยบ.
2. rub chicken with rub all over, inside & out. drink 2 swigs from can 'o beer. sit chicken on can in shallow baking dish (cf. illustration).
3. put in oven, 1 hr. done.

It is that simple to have really, really moist chicken. Nor does the beer flavor it so much that you can't make an awesome spiced-up chicken sandwich for lunch the next day.


  1. Great picture. So how did you eat the chicken-- is it good just by itself or would you add bbq sauce?

  2. The chicken is good by itself with the rub so long as you have a good side, i.e. mashed potatoes with gravy made from the chicken's drippings.